About Me

Hey there!

The name’s Michael, pleased to meet ya!

I finally decided to start this blog as a way of directly sharing what I know about hormone optimization and naturally becoming the alpha you want to be, after many years on the fence.

What do I mean by this?

I’ve done more research than I’d like to admit in this life. I’ve made myself my own guinea pig to a large extent, and have usually been contracted for ghostwriting by some of the large publications in the industry.

But that’s exactly it… you would be hard-pressed to know that I did it.

So, rather than sitting on the sidelines and hoping people get informed, I’ve made it my goal to share what I know.

You can naturally become the Alpha you were meant to be. The big dog. 

Don’t worry too much- you’re in good hands.

I am a qualified Pharmacist, an expert researcher within the realms of Fitness and Health, have published several books that you can find on Amazon, and don’t make claims lightly.

I hope you learn something new every time you stop by. 

Talk to you soon!