Boost Nitric Oxide With These Simple Juices

Nitric oxide levels should be every man’s business.

Responsible for ensuring good blood flow throughout the body, not everyone is lucky to have an abundance of this important molecule. This is exactly why, as a man, it is important to support your body’s production of this molecule via natural means.

Why Should You Increase Nitric Oxide Production With Juices?

For one, juices are super convenient. Chances are you already drink multiple juices anyway, so why not modify them accordingly with healthier ones?

Plus, many of the raw materials needed for making the juice (yes, fruits and veggies) are widely available and inexpensive, when compared with exorbitantly priced ED drugs!

The Best Juices To Boost Nitric Oxide Levels

Pomegranate Juice

pomegranate nitric oxide

I’m surprised that pomegranates are not consumed by more men or people in general. For most, it is still some exotic luxury that is suited for eating/drinking once per year.

I’m not convinced. Pomegranates are real superfoods; fruits that possess several potent anti-oxidant compounds that can help safeguard you from a range of adverse effects brought on by harmful free radicals.

In terms of its benefits for you as a man, Pomegranates, preferably made into juice, can help to amplify your nitric oxide levels owing to the fact that it can upregulate the enzyme that makes nitric oxide- nitric oxide synthase.

What does this mean for you? It means a greater rate of production, as the speed by which this enzyme functions is the limiting step in how much nitric oxide your body can have at one time.

In addition, Pomegranates are a great source of dietary nitrates, which are a sort of raw material that your body can use for production of the precious nitric oxide molecule.

Lastly, Pomegranates will also impair the accumulation of atherosclerotic plaque on the inside of blood vessel walls, which can reduce your cardiac risk and lend itself to enhanced blood flow.

Just be careful about which juice you consume; you do not want one that is loaded with extra sugar.

Spinach Juice

This miraculous leafy vegetable should be a staple in every man’s diet. Popeye made it his gold standard right?

Don’t know who Popeye is? Houston, we have a problem!

The main logic behind consuming more spinach is the fact that it is super high in dietary nitrates, which when consumed is able to positively influence your body’s nitric oxide production.

I know a lot of guys dislike the taste of spinach, which is why you can make it into a juice (but risk losing all the fiber) or my favorite way, making it into a smoothie.

Just try to avoid heat or many important phytocompounds can be lost.

Orange Juice

orange fruit nitric oxide

Finally, a normal one, right? I know this is what you’re thinking. Yes, orange juice will improve blood flow and lend itself to better pumps in the gym and in the erm… you know where.

You’re a man after all! Part of the reason you want to improve blood flow with juices is so that you will be a sexual demon!

But back to orange juice now.

Much of the ability of orange juice to improve nitric oxide levels is related to the bioflavonoid quercetin. People who consume the most citrus (and hence quercetin), are able to improve nitric oxide production in a reliable and reproducible manner and are at lowest risk of death due to coronary complications.

Orange juice is also loaded with Vitamin C, which supports collagen synthesis and helps ensure your blood vessels are flexible and structurally kept intact

Boosting Nitric Oxide With Juices- The Final Say

Are there more juices that can help to boost nitric oxide production? Absolutely. One of the very best ones that I skipped was Beetroot juice, which is exceptional but has a taste only a mother could love.

You could also make them into smoothies when it suits that particular fruit/veggie, but keep in mind the exact mode of preparation can vary depending on the specific one you choose.

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